Partnering up with other businesses

As a business owner and utilizing this system, you have the ability to offer deals from other businesses in your area.  If your SMS system is advertised in your business as well as a neighbors business, you have now doubled your visibility .  Your neighbors business will also be advertising your business.  

If you own a restaurant and your neighbor’s business is a retail clothing store, you can add an offer from the store to your opt-in process.  This is done by having the store pay you a monthly fee for the service and you adding an offer (or offers) from the store to your customers.

Example:  You have table tents on your tables that read, “Join our VIP Text Club and receive a free appetizer with your meal and a buy one get one ½ off mobile coupon for your choice of custom printed T-Shirts at XYZ Clothing Retail Store.”

Text flyer